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The Castle Movie Review (Classic Movie Banter)

This week we’re recording an episode that’s going to go straight to the pool room. Even though our Sydney house doesn’t have one, we’re gonna build one before the government forces the Banter Boys to vacate the house for Sydney airport expansions. It’s Castle time! Or ‘The Castle’ if you wanna be proper about it. But we’re not. We’re just dreaming. You’ll get his caption once you’ve seen the movie. I hope. Thanks heaps for listening!

00:00 A Prologue on Speeches in School
08:43 G’days and Intros
11:24 Pitch me this movie
12:51 The Castle (Non-Spoilers)
22:29 Rating the Movie
26:45 The Castle (Spoilers)
33:30 How Did They Make This? (Spoilers)
40:50 Hey! Look at this film’s Poster! (Spoilers)
43:40 Title Talk (Spoilers)
45:11 Pass it to the People
52:53 A Census Tangent
54:34 Final Thoughts

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