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The Passion of the Christ Review | Best Jesus Movies

The popular Gospel adaptation by Mel Gibson, starring Jim Caviezel, has been a very popular Bible-based movie. There has been a lot of debate as to whether this film respects the Bible or not. Some have called it a powerful presentation Jesus’ sacrifice to save us, while others have called it anti-semitic or snuff film. Here I am to share my experience watching it for the first time back in its release in 2004, to how I feel about the movie now. Enjoy!

0:00 Response To Controversy & Protests In 2004 Release
2:07 How I Reacted To The Passion In 2004
2:42 How Church & Christianity Helped Me
4:10 Mel Gibson’s True Intentions With The Passion
5:03 Was God working through Jim Caviezel?
6:36 The Passion Of The Christ Is NOT a Family Movie
7:08 Miracles On Set of The Passion
7:25 How Bible Adaptations Help Us With Faith
8:43 Hype For The Passion Of The Christ Resurrection

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