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The Truman Show (1998) – Best Movies of the '80s & '90s Review

“The Truman Show” He doesn’t know it, but everything in Truman Burbank’s (Jim Carrey) life is part of a massive TV set. Executive producer Christof (Ed Harris) orchestrates “The Truman Show,” a live broadcast of Truman’s every move captured by hidden cameras. Cristof tries to control Truman’s mind, even removing his true love, Sylvia (Natascha McElhone), from the show and replacing her with Meryl (Laura Linney). As Truman gradually discovers the truth, however, he must decide whether to act on it.

All-star commissioner Bralen D. adds to Shat The Movies’ Jim Carrey catalog with the 1998 film that spanned a half dozen genres and lent its name to a psychiatric disease: “The Truman Show.”

Reality TV expert Dick Ebert leads the Shat Crew through a tangle of topics, including: Jedi healing abilities, being watched 24/7, James and the Giant Cock, Night Owl security systems, M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Village,” springtime anal and HBO’s “Westworld.”

To wrap things up, Jim Carrey fans call in about “”Liar Liar,”” and Ash receives a dick vid from a listener.”

The Truman Show Quote: “Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya: Good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight!” – Truman Burbank

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