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Top 12 Horror Made-For-TV Movies/Series – A Must-Watch List For Every Horror Fan!

There had been a gradual change in the television landscape through the 70s and 80s. This prompted numerous TV movies to find their way to the audiences, and horror flicks were no exception. However, despite the popularity of such movies, there were certain drawbacks that gave these films a bad reputation. Firstly, the budget for TV movies could never match up to the ones with high production values. Secondly, strict censoring and random commercial breaks sometimes ruined the mood for the viewer.

Even with such handicaps, TV movies flourished, and these actually became an option for the viewers to stay home and get entertained. At times these movies even starred mainstream actors, and ever since Dan Curtis showed the way with his gothic soap opera Dark Shadows, horror became a mainstay of TV flicks. In this video, we have grouped together a list of twelve such made-for-TV flicks that can give the mainstream movies a run for their money!


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