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Top 40 Slasher Movies of All Time – The Risk Taking Cinema That Flourished Horror Genre!

Creeping footsteps, menacing silence, the chink of a metal blade, blood rushing through your veins as maniacal monster corners you in a dingy, rundown setting; sound familiar? One of horror’s most-reviled (and best-selling) subgenres, slasher films are an indulgence in calculated madness that sends chills down your spine through the sheer body count that only multiplies as the movie progresses. Over the years, the silver screen has introduced countless, heinous murderers and heretics to our conscience, hooking us by the throat with their baffling charisma and lunacy-tinged convictions. Great slasher films are psychological thrillers turned up to 11; they disturb you to your very core. And we are going to rank the 40 Slasher movies of all time in this video!