Old classic cinema is the basic of all new and latest, and always remains the best.

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Top Gun Maverick – ASMR Review

Welcome fellow Cinephiles, Film Enthusiasts, and Relaxation Seekers!


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In this video I review: Top Gun: Maverick

I hope you enjoyed the video and if you have seen the film let me know what you thought down below!

Making these videos are not just a way to express my love for a medium that has been there since the beginning but an outlet for all. I want to grow and learn with each and every one of you. Any means of feedback from the lighting, to the editing, my opinions, or even down to the letter grade I gave to a certain film is welcome! The avenue and community I aspire to foster with this channel is not simply relegated to Cinephiles, or Tingle Lovers, but anyone who chooses to stop by!

So if you are new here; WELCOME! If you are returning; THANK YOU!

As always, thank you again for stopping by and remember to take life one frame at a time!


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