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Vudu Disc to Digital- Convert Old DVDs to Digital Movies with Movies Anywhere Integration!

VUDU’s Disc to Digital service, combined with MoviesAnywhere, will let you “upgrade” your old DVDs to a digital copy for only $2. Compatible movies will now show up on Vudu, iTunes (AppleTV), Amazon Prime Video, and Google Play. See more home theater: and subscribe!

You can get an HD version of your old movies for $5. Blu-Ray discs can be added for $2 in HD.

0:00 – Intro
00:05 – Some Background on Movies Anywhere Platform
01:18 – Vudu Disc to Digital Service Overview and Pricing
02:00 – Movies Anywhere Integration
03:11 – How does Disc to Digital work? (Demo)
04:23 – Check for MoviesAnywhere Compatibility
05:29 – How to scan a disc for Vudu Disc to Digital
07:07 – Finding movies on all services after Disc to Digital Purchase
08:19 – Extra content on iTunes / Apple
08:32 – Apple HD to 4k Conversion on iTunes does not apply
10:45 – What came in the box 20 years ago when you bought a DVD
11:05 – Laserdisc vs DVD back in the day
13:18 – Final thoughts

which allows you to take a picture of any DVD and get digital copies on the cheap. I really like the way this service works and its integration with Movies Anywhere and mobile apps for iOS and Android makes it easy to use. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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