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"We Changed The Narrative" | Cabal Under Pressure? | NEW Frank Jacob Interview

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β–Ή NEW: Amazing 3-Part Webinar With Frank Jacob (LOOKING GLASS)
Explore the history of Project Looking Glass: the technology, its origins, related technologies, main protagonists, the extraterrestrial element, the breakaway civilization, potential earth shattering coming events, and their incredible implications for all humanity in this 3-part, deep dive webinar brought to you by Frank Jacob, writer/director of the award-winning film PACKING FOR MARS. More details below.

Frank Jacob joins us for a third INSPIRED conversation to discuss the 4th video of the ‘Guardians Of The Looking Glass’. Frank also shares why he thinks our previous interviews and the hundreds of thousands of viewers changed the narrative, what the recent reactivation of CERN means and why we SHOULD NOT be afraid!

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