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Yuma | Cowboy and Indian Movie | CLASSIC WESTERN | Full Length | English | Old Wild West

Free Western Movie: Yuma – Cowboy Movie – A tough marshal is sent to clean up a lawless western town.

Yuma (1971)
Director: Ted Post
Writer: Charles A. Wallace (as Charles Wallace)
Stars: Clint Walker, Barry Sullivan, Kathryn Hays
Genre: Western
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 2 March 1971 (USA)
Also Known As: Yuma – laglös stad
Filming Locations: Sonoran Desert, Arizona, USA

Dave Harmon is a United States Marshall, who has been sent by the governor to the territory of Yuma. It seems that the law is not welcomed there; every marshall that’s been sent has been chased out. But Harmon is a different story, upon arriving, he encounters two drunks and asks them to come with him to cool off, one of them pulls a gun on him and shoots, Harmon with no other choice shoots him. He is told that the man he killed is the brother of Arch King, a powerful man, who adheres to only one law, his. Later that evening someone breaks into the jail and lets the other man out and shoots him with Harmon’s gun. It seems that the other man is also King’s brother. Most people think that Harmon shot him but a Mexican boy whom Harmon allowed to sleep on the floor of the jail said that it was two men and that one of them’s a soldier. Harmon is then visited by King and is told that unless he can prove that he was not the one who killed his brother, King will be back and will deal with him in his own way. Harmon then rides out to the army fort to tell them that one of their soldiers was one of the men who killed his prisoner. It seems that Harmon is not well received by the army, it seems that years ago, his family was killed and he believes that soldiers were involved, so wherever he is assigned, it’s always near an army fort or base.

“The new sheriff comes to town and immediately happens to shoot down a hoodlum who happens to be the brother of the local tycoon on whom the whole town depends for its limited prosperity. This is Tombstone and O.K.Corral settings, and if you expect some gunfire you will not be disappointed. The intrigue is good and interesting, as it accelerates by complications, and you are in for some positive surprises. The most interesting part though is played by the Indians, who appear in two scenes, but that is enough to save the film. They are very convincing in their brevity, and Clint is sometimes reminding of both Henry Fonda and Gregory Peck, which brings back to memory other golden times of the very wild west.

Notable is the small part of the lieutenant and quartermaster White, the most sensitive part of the film and in some ways the most decisive, as he is the one who turns the tables. He is played by John Kerr, who excelled in equally sensitive parts in films like “South Pacific” (another lieutenant) and “Tea and Sympathy” with Deborah Kerr, who was not his mother.

Ted Post is also notable for his very few films, he was mainly a TV director, also this one was made for TV, but he has two major films to his credits, “Hang Them High” with Clint Eastwood and the tremendously clever thriller “Nightfall” with Robert Mitchum as the police lieutenant. He lived a long life to 95 years.” Written by clanciai on

Warning: Spoilers
“Parts of this Western are very stereotypical. A loyal, invincible hero without any downsides, a thankful lady, the world is easily distinguishable in good and bad in this film. However, the social relations are depicted in a rather thoughtful way and the plot has enough depth to deliver more than just a series of showdowns in the sunset. Nowadays the look would have probably been chosen a bit more “rough” but still this made for a quite interesting watch.

All in all this is not a masterpiece but definitely a film that noone needs to be ashamed of. In terms of the western movies I know, I find it above average and surely worth a watch.” Written by blumdeluxe on

Also Known As (AKA):
(original title): Yuma
Austria: Yuma
Brazil: Yuma, Cidade Sem Lei
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title): Юма
Canada (English title): Yuma
Finland (video box title): Yuma
France: Yuma
Norway: Yuma
Romania: Yuma
Spain: Yuma
Sweden (video title): Yuma – laglös stad
West Germany: Yuma


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