ADDLE STRIFE (2017) – Karl Erikson World War 2 Drama (Movie)




D-Day 1944 – when some 156,000 American, British and Canadian forces landed on five beaches along a 50-mile stretch of the heavily fortified coast of France’s Normandy region.

TURN YOUR VOLUME UP!!! The score is so great – composed by the wonderfully talented Karel Antonin

Award-winning short film – ADDLE STRIFE

DISCLAIMER *This is NOT a military “how to” video or a documentary. This is a fictional film.

Two U.S. paratroopers, who are at odds with each other, decide to track down an injured German Soldier after a failed American ambush.

Writer/Director – Karl Ryan Erikson
Starring – Randall Rodriguez and Michael J. Stabile.
Lucky Elephant Films –
Disarray Days – Existence, SHED, Freeman Velocity, Poor Earl, I Don’t Need Her

A short World War II drama shot in Hunterdon County, New Jersey.
Super low budget film that I could not have made without the help of some seriously talented people donating their time and talents to the project!
Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, Tom Hanks Greyhound, and Dunkirk, Saints and Soldiers were major inspirations for me while making this film. Hans Zimmer, Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard

Film Shortage – Featured Short film!
Best Shorts Competition (2017) – Winner Award of Excellence
Los Angeles Cinefest (2017) – Semi-Finalist
Garden State Film Festival (2017)
Normandie WWII International Film Festival (2017)
Long Island International Film Expo (2017)
Monmouth Film Festival (2017) Winner Audience Choice Award
Hang on to Your Shorts Film Festival (2017) Winner Cinematography
Silver Screen Film Festival (2017)
Grove Film Festival (2017)
Brightside Tavern Short Festival (2017) Winner Cinematography
Rahway International Film Festival (2017)
Featured Trailer – Film Shortage (2017)

Karl Ryan Erikson – Writer/Director
Producer – Karl Erikson & Omar Portilla (Omar)
Executive Producer – Caroline Erikson & Mario Melara
Assistant Director – Fermin Martinez
Director of Photography – Joshua Echevarria
Assistant Camera – Nicholas Pietroniro See You Again
Make-up – Allie Leone
Gaffer – Mario Melara Shape of You
Key Grip – Mike Pacyna the disaster artist
Grip – ALan Glucksman star wars
Field Mixer and Boom – Andrew Wodzanowski Despacito

Editor – Karl Ryan Erikson
monika kolodziej – Coloring
Composer – Karel Antonin –

Best movies of 2018
Shot on a RED Dragon. Edited in Premiere Pro CC.

Best movies of 2018
Shot on a RED Dragon. Edited in Premiere Pro CC.
Hiroshima: Dropping The Bomb – Hiroshima – BBC
WW2 – OverSimplified
Nerf War: World War 2
World War 2 – D-Day in clay
1941 World War Two Battle of Brody
Call of Duty: WWII – All cutscenes in Spanish 2017 [1080p]


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