ADLEY is back in SCHOOL!! Mr. Schneebalooo teaches art, reading, & tumbling to Niko n Mom first day

NEW SCHOOL … same Mr. Schneebalooo
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HEY EVERYBODY!! It’s my first day in my brand new school! I got all my school supplies and a schedule with all of my classes! The first thing I had to do today was go to an assembly to meet the principal. While I was walking there I met a new friend named Niko! We BOTH snuck chocolate chip cookies into school, so we decided to be bffs! When we got to the assembly we met another new friend named Jenny!! It was her first day too, so we decided to all be friends. When our new principal came out he told us all the rules of the school! The first rule was “ONLY healthy foods are allowed”!! He also told as that this year we are going to be learning on tablets and computers a lot! Lastly, he told us how the school got some new electronic bells that were SUPER LOUD! After the assembly it was time for our first class, so I got my schedule from my backpack to see what was first. I was SO happy because ART was my first subject, I love art!! When I got to art class my 2 BFF’s were also in that class with me! Our first crafts assignment was to color some DIY Halloween masks! I made a cute deer, Niko colored a tiger mask, and Jenny made a dracula mom mask! After art was over it was time for my next class… reading!! I really like reading too so I was excited!! And our teacher was Mr. Schneeblooooo!! This year for reading we were using our iPads to learn on an app called Duolingo ABC! It makes learning reading SO much fun because there is lots of fun games and stories! After reading class was over it was time for P.E. with Mr. Schnublundgreen! We did lots of sports and challenges like stretching, gymnastics, handstands, cartwheels, and pushups! Then it was time for spelling class with Mr. Schneebloooo again. We used Duolingo ABC for this class too! Right as we were about to go home for the day, the principal found out that Me and Niko brought COOKIES to school!! We hurried and grabbed our backpacks and ran outside before he could give us detention! I had a really fun first day of school, and I am SO glad that I met my new friends Niko and Jenny!

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