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Advice to Filmmakers – Filmmaking Motivation (Anand L Rai) | Joinfilms
Joinfilms Academy – Talent Guru, Virendra Rathore, founder of Joinfilms Academy, offers free coaching on youtube for actors, writers, musicians, filmmakers and other talents pursuing a dream to join films. Veteran Filmmaker Aanand L Rai shares his take on storytelling and filmmaking business with young aspiring filmmakers. Anand Rai is the man behind movies such as Manmarziyaan, Zero with Shah Rukh Khan, etc. He tells filmmakers to be honest with their craft and not worry much of about success or failure of the project.

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By Virendra Rathore

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Talent Guru, Virendra Rathore, founder of Joinfilms Academy, offers free coaching on youtube along with interesting and inspiring stories from the film industry to educate, enable and inspire young aspiring talents, budding actors, writers, cinematographers, and filmmakers seeking a career in the Indian Film Industry a.k.a Bollywood.

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