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This Hallmark holiday film is the story, based on Louisa May Alcott’s short story, about a poor widow, Mary Bassett (Helene Joy) who is trying to support her three children, but they are so poor, they can’t afford a turkey for Thanksgiving. Unexpectedly her estranged mother (Jaqueline Bisset) arrives, but the stress and strain between the wealthy mother, and her poor daughter is deep, and there are serious wounds that will need healing.
This, like most Louisa May Alcott stories is not about the grandmother, nor the mother, but is in the eyes of the young lady daughter/granddaughter who is about to turn into a lady. She is in love but sees the battle between her mother and her grandmother. Grandmother didn’t like the man and the life of poverty that her daughter has chosen, nor does Mary like the way her mother, who was born into poverty, caught the affections of an elderly rich man, and got him to leave his fortune to her, despite the objections of his family. This is a costume drama, but a very convincing story. It’s a Thanksgiving tale, so it’s a feel good story in the end, but very well told. Regardless of all the struggles and misfortunes, we once again learn that blood is thicker than water, and with some understanding it might all work out. I really enjoyed this film.

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