Are you a fan of old classic movies…? You may like these paintings

Are you a fan of black and white movies, the nostalgic type, such as Casablanca and Gilda? Or perhaps the Film Noir ones, like the classic movie Gun For Hire?
Maybe you find Edwards Hopper’s famous bar painting of Nighthawks or Van Gogh’s Cafe At Night painting inspiring?

Well, if you are a fan of any of those, you may like the following paintings.

These are nostalgic paintings, artwork that will transport you into a different world, where characters are often flawed and broken. Yet they are braver than us and we admire them for it.
These paintings often feature a femme fatale with her alluring powers over the male anti-heroes.
They are noir style bar paintings which speak to an inherent passion we have for the darker side of romance. They ask us to imagine a world that scares us, but also excites us.

Original Bar paintings by Theo Michael featured in this video:
1. Nightlife
2. Alone At the Bar
3. The Lounge Bar
4. Cafe At Night revisited
5. Cafe Paris
6. Cafe At Night
Art by Theo Michael, bar paintings to fall in love with

If you like the images get a free eBook with beautifully photographed paintings and detailed descriptions here:


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