Bhojpuri Actress Sahar Afsha Quit Film Industry After Sana Khan & Zaira Wasim | Bollywood Tadka

Bhojpuri Actress Sahar Afsha Quit Film Industry After Sana Khan & Zaira Wasim | Bollywood Tadka
Many actresses of the cinema world have said goodbye to the world of showbiz, including the names of popular actresses like Sana Khan and Zaira Wasim. These actresses have taken the path of Islam by keeping distance from the industry and now Bhojpuri cinema actress Sahar Afsha has also taken a similar decision.
Actually, Sahar Afsha has shared a long note on her Instagram, in which she has tried to convey her mind to the fans. Sharing this note in three different languages ​​Hindi, English and Urdu, she has written, ‘I want to tell you all that I have decided that I am going to leave showbiz and now I will have nothing to do with it. . Inshallah, I intend to live the next life according to Islamic education and Allah’s blessings. I give up my anxiety from life. I repent from Allah. I am looking for forgiveness from Allah.’
Not only this, Sahar further writes in her post, ‘Even if I may get a lot of fame and wealth, but I have always fought in a Khalsh, because I did not picture this life in my childhood. Just by coincidence, now the industry kept moving forward and forward, but now I have decided to end it all. The intention is to live the next life inshallah, according to the command of Allah. All of you are praying that may Allah grant me a life of Istqamat and righteousness. I hope that I will be remembered not from my past life, but from the life to come.
This post of Sahar Afsha is becoming fiercely viral on social media and many fans of Sahar have commented on it. Amidst all this, Sana Khan has expressed happiness over this decision of Sahar Afsha. He wrote in the comment, ‘Mashallah my sister I am very happy for you. May Allah bless you at every step. You inspire more people and be a kheer for humanity.’

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