BMW 3 Series replacement revealed!

Meet the most mind-blowing car BMW has ever revealed… The BMW i Vision Dee!

This all-new concept has been revealed at CES 2023 and aims to show what the next-gen BMW 3 Series could be like when it arrives in 2025!

So what are the key talking points? Well for starters, there’s the retro-inspired design. From the side, we’re getting classic E30 3 Series design vibes, and upfront we have (yet another…) massive kidney grille. However, unlike recent BMW releases, this one’s longer than it is fat, and it arrives fully digitised!

Step inside and this is where the technology really comes to the fore. Rather than sticking an infotainment screen on the dash, the i Vision Dee comes with a heads-up display that can stretch the full length of the windscreen! Elsewhere, it’s all pretty minimalist inside, with hardly any physical buttons to be found.

What’s more, the i Vision Dee will also come with E-ink technology, allowing you to change the car’s exterior colour! It’s also done away with door handles, so you’ll need to rely on gesture controls to even get inside!

So, what’re your thoughts… Are you a fan of the retro design? Or has BMW taken it a step too far? Let us know in the COMMENTS!


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