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Bonanza – Episode 84 – The Ride – When Adam is a witness to a murderous armed robbery by masked assailants, he is absolutely convinced he knows who one of them is, but there’s ultimately only one way to prove it.

The Ride
Director: Don McDougall
Writer: Ward Hawkins
Stars: Michael Landon, Lorne Greene, Pernell Roberts
Genre: Western
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 21 January 1962 USA
Filming Locations: Stage 17, Paramount Studios – 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA

The hooded man who robbed and killed the manager of the Goat Springs bank line turns out to be Adam Cartwright’s longtime friend Bill Enders (Jan Merlin). Even though Adam is certain that he saw Bill at the scene of the murder, another witness claims that Bill was 90 miles away when the crime occurred. Unsatisfied with this testimony, Adam takes it upon himself to prove (or perhaps disprove) that Bill could have ridden the 180-mile distance in and out of town in time to commit the murder. Written on

“I’m sorry, but of all the Cartwright boys, I cannot stand Adam. I think he’s very arrogant and stuck up. He sees himself as smarter than his father and brothers. That’s probably why this episode just got on my nerves. I think I would have enjoyed this episode a lot more if Adam hadn’t been the character chosen (though I suppose he was the best Cartwright for this episode). I kept hoping that Adam was wrong…

The fact that the Pony Express rider didn’t make it back on time still wasn’t good enough for cocky big brother. He decided to do it himself. After all, we know that Adam’s the best at everything!!!

If you don’t see Adam’s personality the same as I do, you may enjoy this episode a lot more…

The beginning of that was cute, but even that was ruined…” Written by bkoganbing on


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