Busan Int'l Film Festival wraps up 10-day run

부산국제영화제, 10일간 축제 막 내린다…16만1145명 관람

Welcome to News In-depth where we delve deeper into the biggest stories of the day, I’m Kim Mok-yeon.
The 27th Busan International Film Festival kicked off last Wednesday, back in full for the first time in 3 years due to the pandemic.
It ran for 10 days and came to a close today.
This year, 242 films were screened including 88 world premieres, from 71 countries at seven theaters.
Asia’s largest-film festival drew more attention this year as South Korea has cemented its status as a global cultural powerhouse, thanks in part to the explosive success of the Oscar-winning film “Parasite” in 2019 and the Netflix series “Squid Game” in 2021.
So what were the biggest takeaways from this year’s festival? And what can we expect from South Korea’s film sector moving forward?

For this, we invite to the program… Jacqueline Wen Xi TONG, Project Manager from the Hong Kong Arts Centre, and our go-to film critic Jason BECHERVAISE.
Welcome to you both.

Q.1 (Jason) First with Jason, could you please give a short summary of the takeaways from this year’s film festival? Was it a big success? What can we look forward to for next year’s festival?

Q2. (Jacqueline) I hear that you are a project manager at Hong Kong Arts Centre and have attended BIFF In previous years. You also promote Korean cultural content, including films, back to Hong Kong. How was this festival different from the ones before? Did it meet your expectations?

Q3. (Jacqueline) If so, what influence do you think this event will have on the Asian film market moving forward?

Q.4 (Jason) Hundreds of movies were screened in front of thousands of fans throughout the 10-day film gala.
Not only movies, but documentaries, animations, and drama series were showcased as well.
As a film critic, were there any international motion pictures that caught your attention and, also, some Korean films you would like to recommend our viewers to look out for?

Q.5 (Jacqueline) When it comes to highly recognized Asian actors, we cannot NOT talk about Tony Leung. It had been 18 years since he last met his fans at the BIFF.
After receiving the ‘Asian Filmmaker of the Year’ award, he showcased six titles in the Special Program Focus called “In the mood for Tony Leung.”
An interesting thing to note was that young fans (called MZ generation in Korea) widened his fanbase. What do you think is the reason behind such a huge fanbase? And what significance did his appearance have on the festival and to Asian viewers?

Q.6 (Jason) Streaming platforms like Netflix released outright films like “Okja”.
Concerns were raised as to whether those types of films should be categorized as a ‘film’. On top of that, the drama series “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” was awarded for the Best Content in the 4th Asia Contents Awards. Does this mean that we can say that content from streaming platforms along with drama series have immersed themselves into the film industry?

Q7. (Jacqueline) Hong Kong also holds an annual film festival, known as the HKIFF.
Korea, along with BIFF, celebrates 15 other international film festivals throughout the year. This is quite a small number compared to 360 film festivals held in France.
What significance do you put on holding more film festivals to promote the film market? What kind of role do film festivals play?

Q.8 (Jason) Through this festival, do you see a greater potential in Korean films as compared to other Asian countries? What about on a global scale?

Q.9 (Jason) What areas can Korean films improve on to make themselves more attractive to the world audience?

Q.10 (Both) What can viewers learn and take away from watching films showcased from festivals such as the BIFF? Also, moving forward, can you give us some tips on how the audience can enjoy more various international films just like the way the directors and actors intend them to?

Thank you so much for making time for us , we appreciate it.

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