Celebrities Voice GEOFF PETERSON – Angela Kinsey, Jason Schwarzman, Larry King & More

Back in November of 2011, Josh Robert Thompson, the default voice of Geoff “The Robot” Peterson, was away for 2-3 weeks, during which some celebrities (list below) came on & voiced Geoff instead, this video includes all those segments where these celebrities were voicing Geoff.
Official Youtube channel of JRT (Geoff’s default voice): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCulHXoobGzekUVVcBpiQ3AA

The idea to make this compilation was given to me during the span of a few month by subscribers of this channel, I appreciate your ideas & suggestions & I encourage it. Thank you! Enjoy!

List of Timecodes/Names:
0:00 Alfred Molina
17:51 Dominic Monaghan
33:19 Thomas Lennon
48:47 Larry King
1:06:13 Louie Anderson
1:16:37 Lauren Graham
1:31:17 Paula Poundstone
1:46:35 Angela Kinsey
2:00:41 Jason Schwarzman
2:16:35 Shadoe Stevens
2:27:04 Thomas Lennon (Again)
2:43:36 Thomas Lennon (and again)
2:57:32 Thomas Lennon (and again)


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