Chanel 19 Vs Classic Flap Bag Comparison Review & Outfits | WHICH IS BEST?

Which is the BETTER Chanel bag, the new Chanel 19 of the classic flap? These two Chanel heavy-weight champions go HEAD TO HEAD in my latest review and outfit styling video. Shop Chanel Bags Here:

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Is the Chanel 19 a better bag than the holy grail classic flap? I cover the pros and cons of both of these bags, price differences, and style them with various outfits for inspiration if you can’t decide between these two amazing Chanel bags.

Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! 👇

Outfit 1
Balmain Blazer (wearing size 38):
Reiss white top (similar):

Outfit 2
Reiss Black Dress (similar) wearing size 6:

Outfit 3
Zara High-waist trousers (size small): Printed Reiss blouse (similar):

Outfit 4
AllSaints Ridley Jumper (XS):–2A3uQ
Cream coat (similar): Outfit
5 Reiss White Dress (Similar):

00:00 Introduction
00:58 Side by side comparison
05:58 Prices
11:12 Outfit Styling
15:03 Which is the better bag?

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