Christea Parent Interview – The Great Chicago Filmmaker

Elyse Ahmad interviews Christea Parent on her role as the sassy make-up artist in the new movie “The Great Chicago Filmmaker”.

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Devin Sanclemente, Sriram Parthasarathy, James Kim, Natalia Samoylova, Matt Dealy, Josh Levine, Christea Parent, Eric S. Cunningham, Laurence F. Knapp, with Jimmie Tolliver, and Monica Szaflik

Produced by:
Roxie Cohen, Michael Jolls, Vessi Peneva, Natalia Samoylova, and Logan Stone

Written by:
Michael Jolls, Laurence F. Knapp, Josh Levine, Sriram Parthasarathy, and Devin Sanclemente

Story by:
Natalia Samoylova

Directed by:
Michael Jolls


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