Classic Cinema Marathon #1

Classic movies and shows are called classics for a reason: They’re tales of romance, adventure, and good time comedy that put a smile on your face. But there’s plenty of drama and conflict that went on behind the scenes that might change your perspective on these old favorites. Here are some details you never knew about classic cinema and TV shows.

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Bizarre Things That Happened On The Set Of The Wizard Of Oz | 0:00
Classic Film Stars Who Were Actually Really Weird People | 6:45
Grace Kelly’s Marriage Was More Complicated Than You Thought | 12:07
The Chilling True Story Behind Nosferatu | 22:44
Things In The Sound Of Music You Never Noticed As A Kid | 33:30
The Untold Truth Of The Andy Griffith Show | 42:57
What The Biggest Fans Never Knew About I Love Lucy | 54:46
Tragic Details About Jayne Mansfield | 1:09:01
Classic Film Stars Who Were Pretty Bizarre | 1:19:17
Essential Facts About Horror Legend Vincent Price | 1:23:59
The Untold Truth Of Bewitched | 1:36:08
Bizarre Things That Happened On Hitchcock Film Sets | 1:45:59
The Messed Up Part Of White Christmas Everyone Just Ignores | 1:56:04
The Final Resting Place Of These Classic Movie Stars – 2:03:47
The Untold Truth Of Tippi Hedren | 2:17:50
What It Was Really Like The Day Marilyn Monroe Died | 2:29:42


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