Ep 155 Excerpt – Riding in CPH then in NYC #shorts

The Street Project documentary director, Jennifer Boyd, reflecting on her experience of riding in Copenhagen spilling over into a spur of the moment ride in NYC with her husband.

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– Ep 155 full episode: https://youtu.be/O7i1MZuCDYM
– The Street Project film website: https://www.thestreetproject.com/
– 3 Seconds Behind the Wheel film: https://3seconds.org/
– Filmmaker Jennifer Boyd’s website: https://boydproductions.net/

In Ep 155, I speak with the director, writer, and producer of this powerful and inspirational new documentary, The Street Project, veteran filmmaker Jennifer Boyd. We discuss what led her on the journey to make this film on safer street design, a topic she knew nothing about before the cameras started rolling. She shares how making this film has profoundly changed how she sees our cities, streets, and land use patterns. Not to mention how empowering protected and separated cycle networks are for everyday trips.

From the film’s website:
“THE STREET PROJECT is the story about humanity’s relationship to the streets and the global citizen-led fight to make communities safer.
Digging deep into the root causes of traffic violence, the filmmakers engage a diverse array of experts, including street historian Peter Norton, city planner Jeff Speck, and urban design expert Mikael Colville-Andersen. These expert interviews are interwoven with the stories of real people working to make their communities safer.

Jennifer Boyd has produced and directed more than 25 documentaries, nine of those films have won EMMY awards. Recent projects include 3 Seconds Behind the Wheel, which Good Morning America called “Groundbreaking.”

Boyd has also co-created and produced two music television series Infinity Hall Live and The Kate, with 40 episodes in distribution.

Currently, she is executive producing and directing a 5-part series on the history of Las Vegas, and a documentary on Mesa Verde National Park.

The Street Project was filmed over 4 years and in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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