Film Festivals and Film Making with Vihan Khanna (Episode 28)

On today’s episode, Vihan Khanna will speak about film festivals and filmmaking. He has owned and operated his own film festival for the past 3 years and has been making short sketches for film and television since he was a freshman in high school in 2011.
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Where You Can Find Vihan:

Vihan’s website
Vihan’s Instagram
Fast five section:

Most valuable learning experience: Actually putting together a film for the first time.
Recommended book: G. O. O. G. L. E.
Recommended business tool: Vimeo
Scheduling time and planning ahead: Planning the night before
Number one thing that drives motivation: Doing what he loves and enjoys
Main Takeaway: Make sure that you love what you do in life.

Mentioned Resources:

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