Filmmaking and Production with Thomas Baldinger

The Studio at Kearny Point podcast is where we connect and converse with New Jersey creators!. In this episode, our host, A’layeah Joisanne, interviews Thomas Baldinger, a director, writer, and producer. As well as being a founder of his own production company, 624 Productions, Baldinger’s film, Who’s Jenna…?, is nominated for Best Feature, Best Ensemble Cast, and Best Director at the upcoming International Film Festival Manhattan!

Host – A’layeah Joisanne

A’layeah Joisanne is the production assistant at the Studio at Kearny Point, handling everything from the lighting and equipment setup to helping clients get ready before their recording session. Joisanne comes from a background in film and acting, having produced her own short films, and working as an additional crew on productions like “Bruised” (2020), “Death Saved My Life” (2021), and “As They Made Us” (2022). Along with speaking and background roles in films and television shows.



Guest – Thomas Baldinger

Thomas Baldinger is a filmmaker, director, and producer, with over 23 years of experience in the industry. His company, 624 Productions, founded in 2015, has produced four short films, distributed by companies including Lionsgate Films and Indican Pictures. As of this year, he has two projects nominated for awards and will be screened in the upcoming International Film Festival Manhattan.





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