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Forgotten Malayalam Movies is a movie review series where we review some of the greatest (read : worst) movies in malayalam.

This week’s movie needs no introduction. Balram and Tharadas, both iconic
characters of Mammootty come together in this disastrous crime thriller
directed by IV Sasi. This movie was the reason behind teens opting for the
famous ‘poodle cut’ hairstyle sported by Tharadas. Balram vs Tharadas is one of Mammootty’s highest ranking movies in the IMDB worst movies of
all time list. Watch this review to find out how romantic don Tharadas destroys his enemies with style statement!

Here are some forgotten malayalam songs specially curated
for you :

1) Oshalala Jamaal :
2) Chitappa Irippa :
3) Kulasa Kulasa :

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