Full Movie – OMG Family Moves into a Old Mansion / OMG Family Evening Routine in a Old Spooky House

OMG Family moves into an older house because Barbie Ken dad just got a new job. The house is old and spooky and scares LOL Surprise Toddler. Her Barbie Kid sister doesn’t believe in ghosts and she isn’t scared of their new house. But LOL Surprise lil sister thinks that their new house is haunted. The family enjoys a nice dinner routine together after make makes spaghetti. In the evening, OMG Doll Mom goes to take a relaxing bubble bath while her kids are enjoying a snack in their new bedroom when weird things begin to happen. Stuff starts disappearing for unexplained reasons in their home. The music on the stereo changes music by itself and the lights keep going on and off. What is going on? Is their new house really haunted? Is there a ghost? Watch the fun Doll Story to find out!

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