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Global Advertising:
First, we will talk about advertising, the activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial product or services. We can also say that advertising is a mean of communication with the user of the product or services. Here is another comprehensive definition, it is an paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor which is usually persuasive in nature.

I would like to share my thoughts about advertising agencies that an Advertising Agency, often referred to as a creative agency, is a business dedicated to creating, planning, and handling advertising and sometimes other forms of promotion and marketing for its clients. An ad agency is generally independent from the client. It may be an internal department or agency that provides an outside point of view to the effort of selling the client’s products or services, or an outside firm. An agency can also handle overall marketing and branding strategies promotions for its clients, which may include sales as well.
After the discussion of advertising, now we will talk about the global advertising, Advertising on a world-wide scale, taking commercial advantage of global operational differences, similarities and opportunities to meet global objectives. We can also say that, an approach where the same general persuasive message is applied in all countries.
We have some global advertising medium in which Television, Radio, Print Media, Out Door Advertising, Digital and Mobile are listed. The factors which influence the global advertising are Language, Culture, Education, Politics and Economic Condition.

Global Public Relations:
Public Relations involves building good relations with the company’s various publics by obtaining favorable publicity, building up a good corporate image and handling or heading off unfavorable rumors, stories, and events. Public Relations is used to promote products, people, ideas, and activities. The functions of Global Public Relations are Trade, Direct Foreign Exchange, Political Coalitions, Worthy Global Cause, Information Flow and Social Networking.

Global Film Industry:
The Film Industry or Motion Picture Industry, comprises the technological and commercial institutions of filmmaking, i.e., Film Production Companies, Film Studios, Cinematography, Animation, Film Production, Screenwriting, Film Festivals, Distribution, Actors, Directors and other film crew.
The top ranked film industries of the world are Hollywood, Chinese Film Industry and Bollywood. These are top 3 revenue wise film industries. Beside these there are also Japanese, UK, Pakistani, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Brazilian, Egyptian, Nigerian, Korean, Australian, Turkish, Bangladeshi, Indonesian Film Industries.
We will discuss top three film industries of the world. First, we will discuss the history of Hollywood. The United States cinema (Hollywood) is the oldest film industry in the world which originated more than 121 years ago and the largest film industry in terms of revenue. In 1991, the first studio was established in Hollywood. In 1920, Hollywood was making 80% of the world’s film. It has 40,547 screens. It has produced 727 fictional and 11 animated films till 2012. In 1910, Griffith was the first to make a motion picture in Hollywood. His 17-minute short film In Old California was filmed for the Biograph Company. In 2017, the film industry in the United States generated approximately $10.24 billion.
Major film studios of US Film Industry include Metro Goldwyn Mayer, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Light Storm Entertainment. Whereas, The Dark Knight, Titanic, The God Father, The Avengers and Inception are the most famous movies of Hollywood.
Now it’s to discuss Chinese Film Industry, Cinema was introduced in China in 1896 and the first Chinese film “The Battle of Dingjunshan”, was made in 1905. It has 44,179 screens. It has produced 772 fictional and 49 animated movies. Makes almost 500 movies a year. Box Office sale has risen 64% in 2010. It generated $8.59 billion in 2017 a rise from $6.6 billion in 2015 according to Box Office.
The major film production companies of China are Wanda Cinema Line, China Film Steller, Dadi Theatre Circuit, Shanghai United Circuit and Guangzhou Jinyi Zhujiang. Here we have some popular Chinese films which are Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000), Red Cliff (2008), House of Flying Daggers (2004), Hero (2002) and Farewell My Concubine (1993).

The largest film industry in terms of film production is Bollywood. It produces approximately 2000 movies annually. Bollywood represents 43% of Indian net box office revenue, while Tamil and Telugu cinema represent 36%, and the rest of the regional cinema constitute 21%. In 2017, India film industry generated $2.39 billion. Films in India are created in about 20 languages limiting the film to a group of people.
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