God forced her to choose between destroying or recreating the world | Anime Recap

Anime Recap: Ten years ago, during a fire on a ship, Fena was taken to a lifeboat by a boy. The boy told Fena to stay alive and promised to find her no matter what. Later, Fena washed up on an island and was sent to a brothel. Until Feno is an adult, the manager of the brothel will auction her off to serve the rich. Fena’s pure beauty and silver hair became the talk among the men. At the tavern, two old men hear rumors about Fena, making them very angry.

song: NEFFEX – Rumors 💋 [Copyright Free] No.12
link song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXptPzKNMq4&ab_channel=NEFFEX

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