How to Reduce Anxiety for a Calm Life

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How do you reduce anxiety for more clam in your life? Wheezy Waiter has some tips for you in his latest video whether it’s watching some dude whose name he can’t remember right now paint, yoga, or doing less work! Relief from some anxiety may only be one this video away! #anxiety #anxietyrelief #anxietytips

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Wheezy Videos In This Video:
I Meditated Every Day For a Month:
Gratitude Journal Video:
Why Do People Like Yoga:
Doing Pointless Stuff Is Good Video:
Quitting The Internet:
Quitting Alcohol For A Month:
Quitting Smartphones:
Quitting Coffee:
Quitting Sugar:
Quitting Social Media:

0:00 – Intro
1:20 Walking
2:20 Bob Ross
2:30 Meditation
3:15 List Your Worries
4:05 Gratitude Journal
4:20 Exercise/ Yoga
4:48 Do Fun Stuff!
6:05 Relaxation Exercises
7:02 Talking To People
7:35 Mundane Activities
7:50 Pet A Pet
8:11 Quit Stuff For A Bit!
8:44 Massage (I mean, Duh)
8:47 Working Less
9:45 THC
10:20 Factor (The Sponsor)
12:16 Outro


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