ISA Insider News: Cannes, Screenwriters Guide, Michael Hauge, The Essex Serpent & Mosquito Forecast

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0:00 – Top Story: Cannes Film Festival
5:10 – Insider: Pen Densham’s Writer’s Guide to Success
8:20 – Insider: Avatatar’s Structure by Michael Hauge
11:50 – Watching: The Essex Serpent
14:15 – Watching: I Want You Back
15:23 – Watching: Severance
16:07 – Watching: The Lost City & Uncharted
17:38 – ISA Virtual Pitch Panel & Max’s Next Webinar
19:18 – Twitter: “Just make your movie, writers”
21:26 – Twitter: How do you rewrite?
24:20 – T-shirt Quote of the Week
25:10 – Good News: A Mosquito Forecast
26:33 – Good News: $100 bill treasure hunt

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