Kim Kardashian's Strict Rules For Guests

Kim Kardashian maintains a strict code of conduct, and anyone staying at her home is required to follow it. The entrepreneur fought tooth and nail to gain sole ownership of the $60 million Los Angeles mansion she once shared with Kayne West, and she has been enjoying it ever since. She makes friends, family and visitors honor a specific set of guidelines before entering and while inside. Many of the rules are focused on keeping the home tidy. The living room in Kim’s Instagram post featured a white carpet, three white chairs, a coffee table, a painting, an empty white fireplace, and white walls. Anyone who enters the room better be careful and her kids aren’t allowed to play anywhere near it. Kim and Kanye both created a strict rule that pictures of inside the house could never be shared on social media, both of whom broke that rule almost immediately. She has some rules that seem fairly normal as well, like her “no phones at the dinner table” rule that many families implement in their own homes. Her strict rules don’t just apply to her home either. The SKIMS founder extends her strict guidelines to her private jet KimAir, where her love for neutral colors and expensive fabrics persists. Another place where guests must be extremely mindful of what they touch to make sure they remain in pristine condition.


0:00 INTRO
0:14 The White Space
1:08 No Snapping
2:00 No Phones At Dinner
2:31 Non Disclosures
3:17 No Jewelry
3:53 No Talking Bad About Sisters
4:26 Closet Must Be Immaculate
5:08 Take Care of the Pets
5:34 No Set Hours
6:04 Dress to Impress
6:27 Private Jet Requirements
7:25 No Outside Shoes
7:50 END

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Written by: Brooke Chong
Narrated by: LanessaVO
Edited by: Nikola Vasilevsk

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