Korean films sweep awards at film festivals overseas

디지털 성범죄 다룬 영화 정순, 로마국제영화제서 2관왕

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Lately, Korean films have been achieving great success at world-renowned film festivals.
At the 17th Rome International Film Festival, the Korean independent film “Jeong-sun” took home two awards.
Director Jeong Ji-hye won the Grand Jury Prize for her first full-length film, which is centered on a digital sex crime, while actress Kim Kum-soon won the best actress award.
Meanwhile, Korean actress Lee Jung-eun won the Best Actress award at the London East Asia Film Festival.
And… the South Korean sci-fi action thriller “Project Wolf Hunting” received two awards at this year’s Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival in Spain.

So what’s behind the worldwide recognition of Korean films?

For this, we’re joined by our go-to Film Critic Jason BECHERVAISE AND Jae SOH, Professor & Filmmaker at Seoul Institute of the Arts online.
Good evening gentlemen.

1. (Jae Soh) Let’s begin with the Rome film festival.
The Korean film, ‘Jeong-Sun’ directed by Jeong Ji-hye won the Grand Jury Prize and lead actress Kim Kum-Soon was named as Best Actress.
‘Jeong-Sun’ was the only Korean film to compete at the festival among the 16 movies invited.
Professor, what significance do the latest achievements by Koreans in one of Italy’s biggest film festivals have? What does this say about the influence of the Korean film industry?

2. (Jason) Staying on the topic of Korean actresses, Lee Jung-eun , best known for her role as the housekeeper in Bong Joon-ho’s Oscar-winning film, “Parasite”, won the Best Actress award for her performance in “Hommage” at the London East Asia Film Festival.
It seems like we’re beginning to see more actresses taking the spotlight over male actors compared to the past. What does this trend imply?

3. (Jae Soh) Actor Lee Jung-jae and Im Si-wan also attended this year’s ‘Leaff’ to receive their awards. Lee Jung-jae was given the Honorary Award and Im Si-wan clinched the Rising Star Award for their performances in the movies, ‘Hunt’ and ‘Emergency Declaration’.
This comes despite the lower-than-expected performance of the two films at the Korean box office, how would you read into this?

4. (Jason) In other exciting news for the fans of Lee Jung-jae and Star Wars is that although the release date of ‘The Acolyte’ hasn’t been confirmed yet, there’s speculation that the series will come out in around mid-2024… based on the release schedules of another Star Wars series in 2023.
With the casting of Lee Jung-jae in a Star Wars series, can Korean fans look forward to more opportunities for Korean actors and actresses in American drama series and films in the future?

5. (Jae Soh) Now moving to Spain, more Korean movies showed their popularity and competitiveness at the “55th Stiges International Fantastic Film Festival.”
The sci-fi action thriller, “Project Wolf Hunting” won two awards, the Special Jury Prize and Special Mention.
Also, Korean action comedy, “The Roundup” took home the People’s Choice Award.
As this festival is one of the world’s most well-known genre film festivals, specializing in fantasy and horror movies, how do you gauge the competitiveness of South Korea’s fantasy and horror movies? Also, what do you think the reason is behind the latest success?

6. (Jason) Now switching topics to Korean theaters, October to November is considered to be the off-season.
Statistics show quite a big drop in the number of people going to the cinema in the month of October compared to last year.
Despite the easing of Covid regulations and the re-opening of theaters nationwide, what do you think are the other factors that are bringing down the numbers?

7. (Jae Soh) To put an end to the dry period in cinemas, two movies were released on the 26th, “Remember” (리멤버) and “Confession” (자백).
How do you expect them to fare? Can they bring back audiences to theaters?

8. (Jason) Other than the two newly released movies, are there any other movies that you see as being a “must-watch”?

9. (Both) With the increased accessibility of OTT platforms, the movie theater industry is continuing to be threatened in many ways.
What are some ways to overcome this issue and for films to get the upper hand again over drama series?

Thank you so much for making time for us , we appreciate it.
That’s all for News Indepth tonight, have a great rest of the evening, we’ll be back next time with more in-depth stories on issues happening across the globe.

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