Max Musina parody. PGA Member exposes First World Film Industry Conference PR as Chinese restaurant Top Comment: “Sad Max Musina (Massimiliano Musina) & his latest PR Chinese restaurant blunder. Does he think people are stupido? Insight from Membero PGA. Sound up New blog exposé coming soon #parody Reader comments www.maxmusina #mapgroup #maxmusina #imdb #NFT #crypto #puertorico #LGBTQ – Taking the bullsh*t meter dial to the Max Musina. Just Ask Massimiliano Musina IMDb. A hollywood grifter type as fake as his bleached white teeth + waxed eyebrows.”

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Quinn Studios Massimiliano Musina Founder and CEO at The Map Group New York University Malibu California Puerto Rico Los Angeles.

Max is a broke, small-time Hollywood grifter pushing the limits of gullibility with false professional claims. Musina is confident but lacks any business competence. Map Group LLC Quinn Studios Los Angeles Puerto Rico Map Finance LLC PR ZR Swiss Operational Solutions LLC Club House Media Group Inc Nevada film producer gulf stream studios bill patterson spout content

Massimiliano Musina “Max Musina” IMDb Parody: Hollywood’s Tall Tale Socials:



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