Mena Suvari | The Adam Carolla Show 10/07/2022

00:00 The gang takes a look at stories about a girl’s volleyball team being banned from their locker room, mask surveys at Amherst College, and the Mayor of New Orleans downplaying their murder rate. Adam tells the story of how his Grandmother once used Bon Jovi to steal focus from Adam and the Feast of San Gennaro.

42:23 Richard Lackey and Smriti Kirubanandan from World Food Bank come into the studio to talk about their mission to end hunger and extreme poverty in developing nations.

For more information on or to donate to World Food Bank, visit

Listen to Smriti Kirubanandan’s ‘HLTH Forward’ wherever you find podcasts

01:06:20 Actress Mena Suvari talks to the gang about her new horror movie, ‘The Accursed’ before explaining how ‘American Pie’ gave her the closest thing to a high school experience and how working on ‘American Beauty’ saved her life.

01:39: 59 Gina Grad reports the news of today including: Alex Jones fleeing his trial on a private jet, a doctor saying Tua Tagovailoa should retire, and a protestor getting tackled by Bobby Wagner at an NFL game.

See Mena Suvari’s new movie, ‘The Accursed’ in theaters and on demand October 14th

Check out Mena’s book ‘The Great Peace: A Memoir’ wherever you find books

And follow her on Instagram @MenaSuvari


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