Netflix's "The Midnight Club" Production Designer Laurin Kelsey Joins Filmmaker U!

Last Tuesday we spoke with “The Midnight Club” Production Designer Laurin Kelsey!  In this chat we talked with Laurin about working in Germany and the influences that has had on her craft, designing different decades in “The Midnight Club,” working with DP’s on darker lit scenes, and much more!  Tune in!

Tuesday December 27th, 2022 | 2:00pm ET/ 11:00am PT

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Laurin Kelsey is Production Designer & Art Director from Western Canada who started in film in 2001 and went to school for Set & Costume Design at the University of Victoria. After completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Design at the University of Victoria, Laurin went on to complete a year at the National Theatre School of Canada in their Scenography (Set & Costume Design) Program in Montreal. In between her schooling, Laurin pursued a career in Film & Television, where she worked on “Stargate SG1” (TV), “Stargate Atlantis” (TV), “Sanctuary” (TV), “Night at the Museum II” (Feature Film), and “Stan Helsing” (Feature Film).

From 2011 to 2014, Laurin lived and worked in Berlin, Germany in both Theatre and Film. During that time, Laurin worked as an Art Director on several Independent Films and Web

Series, as well as working as a Theatre Designer at the English Theatre Berlin, Tacheles Theatre Berlin, Die Weisse Rose Theatre, at the Prague at the Quadrennial and more.

Since returning to Canada in 2014, Laurin has worked on over 25 film & television productions as well as continued her Theatre Design career, designing over 15 shows on Vancouver Island for various theatres. From 2014-2017, Laurin was also an Instructor in Theatre Design & Scenic Painting at the University of Victoria and at Vancouver Island University.

Currently, Laurin regularly works on films and TV series as a Production Designer. Most recently Laurin has worked as the Production Designer for Mike Flanagan’s series, “The Fall of the House of Usher,” premiering on Netflix in 2023, and “The Midnight Club,” now streaming on Netflix.

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