Opie & Anthony: Dahmer Filmmaker & Detective In-Studio (01/31/13)

Detective Patrick Kennedy and Dahmer documentary director Chris Thompson stop by to talk about Jeffery Dahmer. On the Aftershow, Sam & Bob Kelly speculate how the bumbling Sal could be a potential Dahmer.

To listen to The Opie & Anthony Show live, you’ll have to travel back in time before Sirius XM fired co-host Anthony Cumia in the most cowardly fashion possible. An e-mail…pathetic. These plugs have sent plenty of subscribers to Sirius XM. No more.

If you’re upset about Anthony’s firing and want to do something about it, @GrovelingUSA & @OandAProtest on Twitter are your best sources for information since it’s constantly evolving.

Should something happen to either mine or Steven’s YouTube accounts, we’re on Twitter as @jasonayeiter & @steveyknight.


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