Pokémon Scarlet & Violet – All Old & New Starter Signature Moves + Washed

Hi! Well…
Anyway, which one is your favorite?

0:00 Charizard
0:12 Typhlosion
0:28 Hisuian Typhlosion
0:43 Samurott
0:54 Hisuian Samurott
1:16 Chesnaught
1:43 Delphox
2:00 Greninja
2:19 Ash Greninja (Battle Bond)
2:58 Decidueye
3:21 Hisuian Decidueye
3:34 Rillaboom
3:56 Cinderace
4:11 Inteleon
4:25 Meowscarada
4:46 Skeledirge
5:04 Quaquaval
5:38 Starter getting washed

I did absolutely everything from the game, recorded all the important stuff. If you don’t want to get spoiled althought it’s from a game that already existed, don’t go on the internet.

I hope you appreciate my videos content, not an easy task to do but I’m here now.
All gameplay and content included within this video are from my own recording and from my own gameplay using AverMedia as a source and my Nintendo Switch.


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