Roblox Horror – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Horror games have been going on a strange path as of late. With a big niche of the subculture being heavily focused on making colorful, corrupted mascots to market towards a demographic of children. Officially made games have been doing this for years now, but one side of the coin I so foolishly neglected in my original dive in the topic, were games made in this genre, on the most popular tool to kids today – Roblox. Today, I delve into the depths of roblox horror, to see if it continues to contribute to the tides of indie horror being shifted to a… Less than favorable direction. Or if there is something there sincerely worth giving attention to, with the tool being used to further contribute to the landscape positively. Come with me today to see for yourself – as this is the good, the bad, and the ugly of Roblox Horror.
{0:00} Introduction
{1:39} The Birth of Roblox Horror
{5:57} Piggy
{11:41} Doors
{18:57} Rainbow Friends
{29:21} Conclusion
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