Salome 1953 HD (eng subs optional)

Salome is a 1953 Biblical film made in technicolor by Columbia Pictures. It was directed by William Dieterle and produced by Buddy Adler from a screenplay by Harry Kleiner and Jesse Lasky Jr. The music score was by George Duning, the dance music by Daniele Amfitheatrof and the cinematography by Charles Lang. Hayworth’s costumes by Jean Louis. Hayworth’s dances for this film were choreographed by Valerie Bettis. This film was the last produced by Hayworth’s production company, the Beckworth Corporation.

The film stars Rita Hayworth as Salome, as well as Stewart Granger, Charles Laughton and Judith Anderson, with Cedric Hardwicke, Alan Badel and Basil Sydney.


Rita Hayworth as Princess Salome
Stewart Granger as Commander Claudius
Charles Laughton as King Herod
Judith Anderson as Queen Herodias
Sir Cedric Hardwicke as Tiberius Caesar
Alan Badel as John the Baptist
Basil Sydney as Pontius Pilate
Maurice Schwartz as Ezra the King’s Advisor
Arnold Moss as Micha the Queen’s Advisor
Asoka as Oriental Dancer
Sujata as Oriental Dancer

(source wikipedia)


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