Sci-Fi Classic Review: COMA (1978)

This medical thriller collaboration between two doctors-turned-writers, Coma is the best performing film directed by Michael Crichton and the most famous film adapted from a novel by Robin Cook. It’s not a completely forgotten classic, but it doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

If you’re looking for a “review” in the traditional sense, then let me just say I love this movie. This video, however, is a “review” in the literal sense (using the Miriam-Webster definition “a retrospective view or survey”), in that I’m going over the history of the film and its place in sci-fi cinema history.

In other words, please stop commenting on how my videos aren’t what you consider “reviews.”

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00:00 Intro
02:07 Synopsis
02:59 Production Background
04:55 Casting & Filming
07:29 Jerry Goldsmith
08:21 Release & Legacy
08:46 Opinion & Analysis
11:54 Outro

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