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Movie : Sunehre Din (1949)
Cast : Rehana as Renuka
Raj Kapoor as Premendra
Roop Kamal as Asha
Ramesh Sinha as Barrister Sinha
Indumati as Renu’s Mother
Heera as Kiran
Kamla Kant as Sir Rajendra Singh
Mahindar as Dhillon
Haroon as Bedil Tabalchi
Phuman as Phuman
Nigar as Lata

Director : Satish Nigam
IMDb : 6.5/10
Genre : Drama
Audio Language : Hindi

Synopsis : Premendra is a singer in All India Radio. He became a sensation at that time as most of the youth became his fan base.College girls considered him as their common crush. Three among such were Rehana,Asha and Lata. Rehana is a middle-class girl whereas Lata and Asha were rich.One day all three of them went to meet Premendra. Meanwhile Premendra dresses himself as a drummer in the event while another person is addressed as Premendra. Renuka is helped by Premendra in an accident outside the event and both starts loving each other. With few days Asha and Lata comes to know about the real Premendra and Asha also starts loving him. Asha being from a rich family succeeds in marriage alliance with Premendras family . Premendras father also forces him for this marriage.. It is now that Asha comes to know that Premendra and Renuka loves each other. Asha sacrifices her love for them and migrates to another place.

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