Undertow (1949) Film noir

Undertow 1949 full movie. Scott Brady stars in this film noir crime drama as an ex gangster from Chicago who has gone straight but ends up framed for the hit on a powerful mob boss. this crime film has a great chase scene involving a LONG corridor which should not be missed. the film hits … Read more

Big Town After Dark (1947)

Big Town After Dark 1947 full movie. American crime noir drama film. Enjoyable B movie that was based on the classic old time radio show “Big Town”. – Broken Trout – source

Club Paradise (1945)

Club Paradise 1945 Good B-movie crime noir starring Robert Lowery and Doris Merrick. Woman trying to escape her troubled life gets involved with seedy lowlife womanizing cad (Robert Lowery) in this classic example of the film noir movie genre. – Broken Trout – source

Gallant Lady (1942)

Gallant Lady 1942 movie. crime drama romance film. Dr. Walsh, near the end of a 4 year prison stretch is taken prisoner by female convicts in order to aid their escape. Released on a desolate road She tries to go back to prison and explain what happened but She is already wanted as an escaped … Read more

I’ll Sell My Life (1941) Crime noir movie

I’ll Sell My Life 1941 full movie. Outrageous crime drama noir has a woman willing to sell her life for $20,000 getting involved with some 1940’s gangster types. She needs the cash to pay for her blind artist brothers operation, (whom she probably blinded) Enter an inquisitive newspaper owner/lawyer to get to the bottom of … Read more

Prison Mutiny (1943) Crime Drama Movie

Prison Mutiny 1943 crime drama movie. Of the 1940’s crime films, old prison escape movies can be some of the more interesting dramas. Filmed at San Quentin State Prison with Milburn Stone (Doc from Gunsmoke) as the prison warden who tries to rehabilitate a rich playboy who is doing hard time but claims to be … Read more