Girl On The Run 1953 Independent film noir that takes your usual Crime drama movie and adds some Film noir aspects and drops the whole thing into a carnival setting. – Broken Trout- source

Racket Girls (1951) Crime noir with women wrestlers

Racket Girls 1951 Crime noir movie. 1950s crime movies star Timothy Farrell chews the scenery as a gangster who runs a “health club” while using the sport of female wrestling as a front for his various “business” dealings. Decent low budget crime drama noir film for fans of the genre and old black and white … Read more

Captain Scarface (1953)

Captain Scarface 1953 Full movie. 1950’s spy thriller an interesting relic of the cold war era with aspects of the film noir genre. The story deals with a fake merchant ship that replaced the real one that had been sunk by an enemy submarine. The plan is to sail this ship up the Panama canal … Read more

Violated (1953)

Violated 1953 movie. Grindhouse crime drama detective noir about a creepy stalker Psycho with a fetish for women’s hair who roams the streets of Greenwich Village looking for new talent. His day job as a fashion photographer is an interesting twist in this thriller noir. source

Blonde in Bondage (1957)

Blonde in bondage 1957 movie. Swedish cinema take on film noir crime dramas. An American reporter is sent to sent to do a story in Sweden, gets involved in a car crash and a sultry night club singer. Set in a traveling carnival (not unlike “girl on the run”) our reporter hero tries to free … Read more

The Violent Years (1956)

The Violent Years 1956 full movie. Film noir crime drama written by Ed Wood. Despite that, this really is a good 1950s crime noir movie. The spoiled daughter of wealthy parents gets her kicks by leading a gang of bored women like herself. The gang dresses up like men, robs gas stations, and hassles the … Read more

The Turning Point 1952 Full Movie

The Turning Point 1952 full movie. Film noir crime drama set in a classic crime noir location, Los Angeles. William Holden, Edmond O’Brien and Neville Brand star in this rare 1950’s film noir movie. Great film for a rainy day. – Broken Trout – source

The File on Thelma Jordon (1950) Barbara Stanwyck

The File on Thelma Jordon 1950 Full length American film noir movie starring Barbara Stanwyck. Directed by Robert Siodmak (who certainly knew his way around a crime noir). It seems mysterious robberies have been happening at her rich Aunt’s estate and young Thelma Jordon seeks the help of the troubled Assistant District Attorney. Of course … Read more