Stark Fear (1962) Crime noir movie

Stark Fear 1962 movie. 1960s film noir crime drama, B-movie babe Beverly Garland stars in this strange excursion into neo-noir crime films. featuring a rotten husband and probable murderer and a creepy bad guy. you may find when you finish watching this drive in movie classic that you need to take a shower, Enjoy. Synopsis … Read more

Horrors Of Spider Island (1962)

Horrors of spider island 1960 (1962 American release) West German film. horror/sci fi thriller movie with not many mutant spiders but it has a “dance troupe” who after a plane crash at sea find themselves stranded on the island mentioned in the title. Unfortunately for the girls, their manager has been bitten by the (probably) … Read more

Violated (1953)

Violated 1953 movie. Grindhouse crime drama detective noir about a creepy stalker Psycho with a fetish for women’s hair who roams the streets of Greenwich Village looking for new talent. His day job as a fashion photographer is an interesting twist in this thriller noir. source

FRIGHT (1956) Psychological Thriller

Fright 1956 Crime, drama, psychological thriller, film noir, full movie. source

Three Steps North (1951) Crime noir full movie

Three Steps North 1951 full movie. 1950’s film noir crime drama stars Lloyd “sea hunt” Bridges as he looks for some money he stashed before the war. A good crime noir movie. – Broken Trout – source

The File on Thelma Jordon (1950) Barbara Stanwyck

The File on Thelma Jordon 1950 Full length American film noir movie starring Barbara Stanwyck. Directed by Robert Siodmak (who certainly knew his way around a crime noir). It seems mysterious robberies have been happening at her rich Aunt’s estate and young Thelma Jordon seeks the help of the troubled Assistant District Attorney. Of course … Read more

A Stranger in Town (1943) Comedy drama full movie

A Stranger in town (1943) Full length comedy drama movie. Richard Carlson plays honest lawyer Bill Adams, Who is running for mayor in a small but very corrupt town. He gets unexpected help from a tourist (who happens to be a Supreme Court Justice) after the Judge experiences just what kind of Law the town … Read more

Big Town After Dark (1947)

Big Town After Dark 1947 full movie. American crime noir drama film. Enjoyable B movie that was based on the classic old time radio show “Big Town”. – Broken Trout – source

Gallant Lady (1942)

Gallant Lady 1942 movie. crime drama romance film. Dr. Walsh, near the end of a 4 year prison stretch is taken prisoner by female convicts in order to aid their escape. Released on a desolate road She tries to go back to prison and explain what happened but She is already wanted as an escaped … Read more

We Dive at Dawn (1943) WW2 submarine movie full length

We Dive at Dawn 1943 movie. 1940’s submarine movies are classic war movies and this is one of the best. A British sub’s pursuit of a German battleship leaves it stranded in enemy waters.The genre plays on the psychological tension between the hunter and the hunted. This war film from the 1940’s should be on … Read more