Streaming Review: Bluebeard (Amazon) starring John Carradine

SHOULD HE KILL HER! OR SHOULD HE LOVE HER! We review Edgar G. Ulmer’s poverty row picture Bluebeard (1944) starring John Carradine. Watch Now: Buy Now: Buy Robin’s books: Facebook: Twitter: @DarkCorners3 Summary: A killer of young women, dubbed Bluebeard, is loose in Paris. Lucille and her friends meet Gaston … Read more

Moontide (1942 Ida Lupino Film-Noir Crime film)

PLOT In California, Bobo and his mooching ‘pal’ Tiny are doing odd jobs and getting drunk and they hide a secret about the unsolved murder of sailor Pop Kelly but suicidal waitress Anna, saved by Bobo, unravels the mystery. Moontide is a 1942 American film noir crime film produced by Mark Hellinger and directed by … Read more

Date Bait (1960) crime drama movie

Date Bait movie (1960). 1960’s crime drama movie played at the Drive in theaters along with “High school Caesar”. Two love struck teenagers run away to get married and soon find themselves on the wrong side of the tracks. They end up dealing with irate parents, annoyed gangsters and one really perturbed ex-boyfriend. Classic “B” … Read more

WHODUNIT? 1934 adapted from, “The Invisible Host” – Classic Movie Film Full Length

Hello! If you like this Channel, please SUBSCRIBE so you know when a new Classic is uploaded for you to watch. Let’s set the scene… “Eight strangers are invited by a mysterious unknown host to spend the night in a penthouse apartment. The eight (5 men, 3 women) are wined, dined, then greeted by their … Read more