Johnnie Cochran, Jr. Exclusive Interview (OJ Simpson & others) by filmmaker Keith O'Derek

Johnnie Cochran, Jr., Exclusive Interview and tribute by filmmaker Keith O’Derek. Johnnie was one of the Greatest Trial Attorneys Ever! He was a living example of being a servant to God, Family and his Community. He granted Straight From The Streets the only interview with him at his former high school during the OJ Simpson … Read more

“The Mouthpiece” by Frank Collins – 1932 pre-code corrupt courtroom drama

1932 pre-code Hollywood Legal Crime Drama about ethical quandaries faced by a rising young prosecutor Vince Day, a big city District Attorney, played by actor //arren WI££I/M who decides to become a defense attorney. The film follows the exploits of a lawyer who begins his career with good intentions and a bright insouciance, but takes … Read more