The European Film Market (EFM) at Berlinale 2013: Impressions and Insights

Each year during the Berlinale producers, distributors, buyers and sales agents come together for the first major film event of the year – the European Film Market (EFM). Enjoy some impressions of the EFM including statements by industry professionals on why they partcipate in the market. source

Elden Ring: 9 Fascinating Insights From Miyazaki and Kitao's New Interviews

I’ve sifted through the latest (and perhaps last) wave of interviews about From Software’s forthcoming Elden Ring and wanted to share my nine biggest takeaways. These are less “news headlines” and more creative insights straight from Hidetaka Miyazaki and Yasuhiro Kitao themselves. I thought it’d be fun to discuss some of their biggest talking points in order to better understand the studio’s outlook and creative process during Elden Ring’s development. And there’s no serious spoilers to follow. I’m primarily pulling from Kitao’s interview at Taipei Game Show 2022 and Miyazaki’s interviews with Edge Magazine and the official Playstation Blog. And I’m also sharing seven additional takeaways in a second follow-up video exclusively for my patrons on Patreon. All of my patrons, regardless of tier, will have access to that second video. So check out the link below if you’re interested. (My patrons also receive access to my exclusive podcast and newsletter, as well as merch discounts, early video previews, Discord server perks, and more!)



0:00 – Appreciating From Soft’s ethos
5:37 – Miyazaki’s dream game
7:37 – Branching story paths
8:44 – The reason for the bright color palette
10:09 – The mysterious role of water
11:59 – The importance of Godfrey
13:27 – Closed Network Test feedback
16:12 – Freedom of exploration
18:06 – How NPCs will shape our worldview
21:01 – Miyazaki’s poison swamp obsession
23:31 – Outro


Music: “Stormveil Castle” by Yuka Kitamura (Elden Ring)


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