Johnny Doughboy – 1942 – Public Domain Movie – Jane Withers, Bobby Breen, Spanky and Alfalfa

Jane Withers heads this Who’s Who of ‘Once Were’s,’ including Bobby Breen, Robert Coogan, Little Rascals Spanky McFarland and Alfalfa Switzer, Butch and Buddy, Baby Sandy, Cora Sue Collins, Grace Costello, and Karl Kiffe. Look for a cameo by Elmer Fudd himself, Arthur Q. Bryan. source

The North Star Free Full Movie 1943 War Film

In a peaceful Ukrainian village, the school year is just ending in June 1941. Five young friends set out for a walking trip to Kiev, but their travels are brutally interrupted when they are suddenly attacked by German planes, in the first wave of the Nazi assault on the Soviet Union. When the village itself … Read more