VLOG: real self care, plants, painting, moving my body, etc

Working on myself every single day to get back to the healthy and happy Melissa I used to be Thank you for watching today’s … source

My top 5 vintage animated films | #HisameReview

What are your favorites and why? (^_^)b More lists coming soon so subscribe to not miss it! #HisameReview My links: Videos https://www.youtube.com/c/hisameartwork Streaming https://www.twitch.tv/hisame_artwork Comics https://tapas.io/hisameartwork/series Merch shop https://society6.com/hisameartwork Fiverr https://www.fiverr.com/hisameartwork Blog https://hisameartwork.wordpress.com/ Donate https://ko-fi.com/hisameartwork Hangout https://discord.gg/Q5MeNHX Twitter: https://twitter.com/HisameArtwork #HisameArtwork #HisameReview source

50 Ideas for Drawing (and Painting)

Drawing ideas for drawing and painting for when you want to create but don’t know what to draw. Each subject on this list is meant to improve your drawing and painting skills. Use these ideas to fill up a sketchbook or to create your next masterpiece. All of the art featured in this video was … Read more

North West’s alleged painting draws Bob Ross comparisons | Page Six Celebrity News

Just call her a mini Bob Ross.

Kim Kardashian showed off an impressive landscape painting on her Instagram Story and claimed North West was the artist behind it.

“My little artist North,” Kardashian, 40, wrote on Monday.

#NorthWest #KimKardashianWest

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Ladie K Lets Her Hair Down: Asian Model Actress Filmmaker Interview

www.facebook.com/ladiekproductions I shot this video interview for a web site that rejected it for deviating from the usual format. Ladie K Productions, Ladie K is a filmmaker, model, actress, korean adoptee, living in Chicago. She makes films creatively for herself, other production companies, and commercially. Ladie K Productions is a mass media marketing and production … Read more

Let's Try this Again Live Stream: First Digital Painting of 2022

Watch as Aaron draws live & answers your questions. source

journal flip through 2019-2020

finally, a bullet journal flip through! 🕯️ grab a cup of tea or snack because you’re going to want to sit down for this one ☕ let’s get cozy and hang out together! I hope you enjoy! 🕊️ plan and paint with me playlist | • instagram | @loveaaholic_ • Business email | christine.mari.dang@gmail.com • … Read more